Wisdom Achieves Dreams, Reliability Determines the Future



We understand that existing solutions are not necessarily able to solve your current problems. No customers are the same. This means that demand will always change. The rapid development of China's power industry not only requires high-quality equipment but also need a professional solution. As an expert in the global electrical field, Reliance Electric Co., Ltd. not only offers a variety of solutions but also offers a wide range of services to customers in different industries. In conjunction with the customer's own business processes and end-user needs, we provide them with personalized application solutions to enhance the driving force and value of a customer in the market and enhance the end-user business experience and satisfaction.

Reliance teams provide comprehensive services for every phase of the power system life cycle of the electric industry, including the design, construction or support of power systems. Our engineers and consultants help you diagnose problems, identify ways to improve performance, or turn concepts into flexible and practical solutions that increase productivity and capital utilization. We focus on the needs of each customer, wholeheartedly for each cooperation services. Our vision is to create a world-class Chinese brand, worthy of the electric product experts trusted by global customers.