Wisdom Achieves Dreams, Reliability Determines the Future

Electric Industry
Mechanical Industry
Transportation Industry

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Electric:  Reliance’s electric products are used substantially in thermal power, wind power, hydropower, nuclear power, solar power and the transmission and distribution network.

Mechanical:  Reliance’s electrical products are used a lot in machine tools, injection molding machines, elevators, lifting machinery, textile machinery.

Transportation:  According to the characteristics of the transport industry, Reliance introduces more personalized system services for the continuous and reliable data operation.

Cases: Fujian Ningde Nuclear Power Plant

Cases: Guiyang DC HVDC, Shenyang Machine Tool

Cases: Subway projects in Chengdu, Guangzhou                 Shenyang, Shenzhen, etc

Communications Industry
Automation Industry
Construction Industry

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Construction Industry.jpg

Communication:  Combining the concepts of innovating technology and new design, Reliance will launch more advanced and better function products to meet more needs of the transport industry.

Automation:  Reliance teams provide comprehensive services for every phase of the power system life cycle of the electrical industry, including the design, construction or support of power systems.

Construction: Reliance’s products run very well in the country's major projects such as Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station, Beijing Bird's Nest, the Three Gorges Dam, and Shanghai World Trade Center and so on.

Cases: ZTE Communication Base Station

Cases: Three Gorge Left Bank Hydro-power 

     Station, guohuaninghai Power Plant

Cases: Shanghai World Trade Center、

     The National Stadium(Bird's Nest)