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Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is the premise for enterprise survival and development. Only by protecting the environment can enterprises embark on a sustainable development path. We are committed to improving resource utilization efficiency, reducing pollutant emissions, fulfilling social responsibility, and promoting the harmonious development of the enterprise and nature by strengthening the environmental protection and energy conservation management.


Reliance production is strictly implemented according to international management systems, optimizing the quality, saving energy, cleaning and protecting the environment, and producing safely. The company passed ISO9001, IS014001 and OHSAS18001 international management system, and the products passed UL, CE,  RoHS, CCC and other certificates.


Reliance provides the customers with diversified solutions, including: solar power, thermal power, wind energy, nuclear energy and renewable energy systems, automation system solutions, efficient electricity utilization, and etc.. Reliance is committed to providing users with energy-efficient electrical systems and professional services by better quality, and more environmentally friendly power.


Protecting environment is an inevitable requirement for the harmony between enterprise and social development, and the harmony of the natural law.Reliance will stick to green industry unswervingly.




Environment Protection Solutions:



Applicable in thermal power, wind power, hydropower, nuclear power, solar power generation and distribution network.

Applicable in machine tools, injection molding machines, elevators, lifting machines and spinning machines.

Reliance provides customized services for the continuous and reliable data.

Case: Fujian Ningde Nuclear Power Plant
Case: HVDC

Case: Subway projects in Chengdu, Guangzhou, etc




Reliance combines innovative technology and new design concept to provide products with advanced performance, better functionality.

Reliance provides integrated service, including design, construction, and support of the electrical system.

Reliance products maintain a good performance in the major projects such as Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant, Beijing Bird's Nest.

Case: ZTE Base Station
Case: The Three Gorges Hydropower Station

Case: Shanghai World Trade Center, Beijing Bird's Nest