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Founded in 2008, the testing laboratory of Chengdu Reliance Electric Co., Ltd. focuses on the same site for unified management.  With clear functional area division, the lab has an area of about 1000m2 at present. Equipped with professional testing equipment more than 100 sets, there are 11 staff, of which include 9 professional testing staff. At present, the total investment in fixed assets is nearly 10 million. Our lab is equipped with high level hardware and software.

Since established, we have always focused on industrial electronics and low-voltage electrical and accessories related areas. We have been committed to improving their professional testing and strive to lead the international testing organizations. In November 2011, we obtained the United States UL witnessed laboratory accreditation. In January 2017, we obtained the certificate issued by the National Accreditation Board (CNAS).  In May 2017, we obtained  the German TUV Rheinland witnessed laboratory qualification. Those mark the level of management of laboratory testing and test data has reached the level of international mutual recognition. At the same time the laboratory with UL, TüV, and other international and domestic well-known certification bodies and laboratories have deep exchanges and cooperation. That is good guarantee for laboratory management capabilities and testing capacity.


General test :

EMC - Power Frequency Field Generator.jpg

EMC-three-phase lightning surge generator.jpg

XRF ray detector.jpg

EMC - Power Frequency Field Generator

EMC-three-phase lightning surge generatorXRF ray detector

Precision microscope.jpg

EMC - Electrostatic Discharge Tester.jpg

EMC - Pulse train generator.jpg

Precision microscopeEMC - Electrostatic Discharge Tester

EMC - Pulse train generator

Type environment :

High temperature box.png

Vibration test instrument rature environment test chamb.png

High-low tempeer.png

High temperature box

Salt Spray test chamber

Vibration test instrument rature environment test chamb

High-low tempeer