Wisdom Achieves Dreams, Reliability Determines the Future

In electric industry,  Reliance’s electrical products are used substantially in thermal power, wind power, hydropower, nuclear power, solar power and the transmission and distribution network. We have established long-term business relationship with the large groups, such as the West Group, Ping Gao Electric, Dongfang Electric, XJ Group, Sifang, TBEANARI-TECHNOLOGY, etc. The electrical connection terminals manufactured by Reliance cover the clamping yoke type (steel and copper), spring type, screw type and other wiring technology. We not only provide common combination of terminals, but also for Customized terminals to meet the different needs of customers. Relance Electric is committed to providing users with more energy-efficient environmental protection system and a full range of professional services to better and  more environmental power to shine the world.

Whether in factories or buildings, the operation of various systems depends on safe and reliable power supply; even a brief power failure may also cause serious consequences. Our professional team provides comprehensive services for every phase of the power system life cycle of the electrical industry, including the design, construction or support of power systems. Our engineers and consultants help you diagnose problems, identify ways to improve performance, or turn concepts into flexible and practical solutions that increase productivity and capital utilization. Our services optimize the integration of the elements of the power system to ensure that it is consistent with the business objectives. We can help you to ensure that your power system is safe, efficient, reliable.

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Cooperation cases

Fujian Ningde Nuclear Power Plant.jpg

Fujian Ningde Nuclear Power Plant

Fujian Ningde Nuclear Power Plant is located in Ningde City, about 32km south of Fuding City, east of the East China Sea, north of Qingchuan Bay. Planning and construction of six million kilowatts of pressurized water reactor nuclear power unit with one planning and phased construction.  Its first-phase project adopted the CPR1000 technology owned by China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group. the construction of four million kilowatts of pressurized water reactor nuclear power unit.  In September 1st, 2006, the National Development and Reform Commission agreed to Ningde nuclear power plant the preliminary project to carry out preparatory work. The main project started on February 18, 2008, the first unit is scheduled to put into operation in 2012.  In December 28, 2010, Fujian Ningde Nuclear Power plant engineering and technical personnel applied China's first independent research and development of nuclear power plant full range of simulators.

Goupitan Hydropower Station.jpg

Goupitan Hydropower Station

Goupitan Hydropower Station is the important project of the national 11th Five-Year Plan and the implementation of the West to East electricity transmission strategy of  Guizhou Province landmark project. It is a large hydropower station built by China Huadian Corporation.

The main task of the power station is power generation, taking into account shipping, flood control and other comprehensive utilization. Its total reservoir capacity is 6.454 billion cubic meters; regulating capacity is 2.202 billion cubic meters and the normal water level of 630 meters. Underground power plant installed capacity of 5 × 600 megawatts and ensure that the output of 746.4 megawatts with the design of the average annual generating capacity of 9.682 billion kwh.


Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant.jpg

Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant

The Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant is located in Dapeng Peninsula, Dapeng New District, Shenzhen, China (22 ° 59'42.19 "north latitude, 114 ° 54'74.01" east), with 51 km from Hong Kong's Tsim Sha Tsui.  It is jointly constructed and operated by Guangdong Nuclear Power Investment Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong Nuclear Investment Co., Ltd., under the jurisdiction of China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group. It has two million kilowatts of pressurized water reactor units, from which 70% electricity supply for Hong Kong and 30% supply for Guangdong. Started construction in 1987, Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant was put into commercial operation on May 6th, 1994. Since then, the Ling’ao Nuclear Power Plant has been built on the side of Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station, which together forms a large nuclear power base. Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant is China's first large-scale commercial nuclear power plant and also the first one adopted foreign technology and capital.


China XD Group.jpg

China XD Group

China XD Group (the former Xi’an Electrical Machinery Manufacturing Company;hereinafter called XD Company for short) was established in July, 1959. On the basis of 5 projects of the 156 key construction projects in the first five-year plan, it has developed to be a large-size enterprise group taking research institutions and backbone enterprises as its core as well as merging research, development, production, trade and finance as an organic whole. In 2001, being approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People's Republic of China, China XD Group was established formally with XD Company as its parent company. In 2003, XD Company became the only central enterprise of the power transmission and distribution industry under the supervision of the State Property Management Commission of the State Council. On May 6, 2009, being approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People's Republic of China, China XD Company formally changed its name to be China XD Group and decided to name it XD Group for short.


Pinggao Group.jpg

Pinggao Group

Pinggao Group Co., Ltd., who is a direct subsidiary of China State Grid, is the pillar enterprise for important technolgy and equipment in China electical industry. It's sphere of business including R&D, munufacturing, sales, inspection, corresponding equipment sets, service and contract for power transmission and distribution, among which the core business is manufacturing, R&D, sales and inspection service for medium voltage, high voltage, ultrahigh voltage and extreme high voltage AC/DC switchgear. Pinggao Group is one of the first creative enterprises in Henan Province, getting prizes of National Labor enterprise, Top 100 enterprise in machinery industry, Top 500 enterpirse in manufacturing industry etc. Pinggao Group owns a capital more than 20 billion RMB and have 9989 employees.


Hainan Changjiang Nuclear Power Station.jpg

Hainan Changjiang Nuclear Power Station

Invested by China National Nuclear Corporation and China HuaNeng Group for 19 billion RMB, located in Tangxing Village, Haiwei Town, Changjiang County, Hainan Province, China, Hainan Changjiang Nuclear Power Station has a capacity for 4 sets of large-scale nuclear power generator. Two sets of nuclear power generator would be constructed for this project, one of which would be finished before the end of 2014 and start to generate. The power station started construction on April 25, 2010. This is a power construction project with large investment and environmental protection in Hainan's history.