Wisdom Achieves Dreams, Reliability Determines the Future


With the overall rise in the national economic level, computer and network applications have been popularized while promote the rapid development of the communications industry. The communications industry is committed to providing services, such as voice, data, images and multimedia information services to society. As the communication industry is closely related to the work and life of the people, it is highly demanded for data transmission speed and safe reliability. According to that industry characteristics , Reliance Electric introduce more personalized system services for the continuous and reliable data operation.

Reliance Electric particularly provides stable and serialized electrical products to ensure more secure data transmission. The quality of the power supply determines the reliability of the equipment to a large extent. The globalization of the market also increases the requirements for power supply: wide range of voltage input, reliable output under unstable power system, reasonable and comprehensive protection function. Reliance’s electrical power products can meet the above requirements, while widely used in the communications industry, CNC machine tool industry, relay protection industry, power industry, industrial control and other industries. Reliance’s electrical vacuum-coating power supply products are mainly used in multi-arc ion plating, magnetron sputtering coating and other vacuum coating industry. Special power supply products are mainly high-frequency induction heating power, electrolytic plating power, power control power, various customized power supply.

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Cooperation cases :

ZTE Communication Base Station.jpg

ZTE Communication Base Station

As a global telecommunications equipment, network and mobile equipment company, ZTE has close cooperation with 231 operators and establishes strategic partnership with 50 operators around the world. Since 1998 engaged in development and production mobile phone product, it has now become the world's leading mobile phone manufacturer.

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China Mobile Communications Base Station

Communications Base Station is one of the important investment parts for the mobile communications operators. When building a communications base station, Such factors should be considered as covering areas, phone call quality, benefits, ease for construction and convenience for maintanance. 

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Communications Base Station for China Telecommunications

China Telecommunications Group is a oversize stated-owned communications enterprise, and is world Top 500 enterprise for several continuous years. Communications Base Station for China Telecommunications is a high power multiple channels bilateral microwave sender fixed in some place. It is typical used for mobile phones, wireless routers etc.


Huawei Communications Base Station

Huawei is a world leading supplier for information and communications solutions. I have been cooperating with Huawei in communications nets, terminals and cloud computing for advantageous solutions. Products and service cover more than 170 countires and 1/3 populations.