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Construction includes power supply part, mechanical and electrical equipment, fire control system and so on. It is stressed the selective protection, safe and reliable, environmental and easy maintenance. With the development of intelligent building, electrical engineering’s status and roles are more and more obvious. The quality of electrical engineering directly impact on the safe and normal operation of buildings, which is related to the building's social and economic benefits. Reliance Electric provides customers with a variety of personalized solutions for resolving stress and challenges, ensuring safe, green and low cost electricity.

Reliance Electric devotes itself to high-quality, intelligent products for industrial, commercial, civil construction to provide a stable electrical security. Products run very well in the country's major projects such as Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station, Beijing Bird's Nest, the Three Gorges Dam, Shanghai World Trade Center and so on. Reliance’s relay can increase the number and capacity of the protection and control circuit contacts, to achieve electrical isolation between the input and output terminals, to achieve low voltage and weak current control high voltage and high current purposes, widely used in power electronics, transportation, Machine tools, home appliances and other industries and a variety of automation and control areas.






Cooperation cases :

Shanghai world trade center.jpg
The National Stadium (Bird\'s Nest).jpg

Shanghai World Trade Center 

The National Stadium (Bird's Nest)

Located in Shanghai Hongqiao Economic Development Zone, Shanghai World Trade Center is composed of the three main buildings: the annual exhibition trade center, Shanghai World Trade Exhibition Hall and Shanghai World Trade Building. It is a super trading market combining display, trading, office and information. It provides the domestic and foreign merchants and professional buyers with first-class, world-class facilities and services.

Located in the south of the central area of Beijing Olympic Park, the National Stadium (Bird's Nest) is the main stadium for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The total area of the project is 21 hectares. There are about 91,000 seats. The Olympic Games, the Paralympics Games opening and closing ceremonies, track and field competition and football finals are held here. Bird's nest is honored as the great architectural works of "fourth generation of gymnasium", and become landmark sports and Olympic heritage.

Jinan Olympic Sports Center.jpg
Guangzhou Asian Olympics Village.jpg

Jinan Olympic Sports Center

Guangzhou Asian Olympics Village

Jinan Olympic Sports Center is located in the eastern part of Jinan Metro, covering an area of 81 hectares (1215 acres) and construction area of 350,000 square meters. It includes 60,000 seats stadium, 10,000 seats gymnasium, 4000 seats tennis hall, 4000 seats swimming pool and 60,000 square meters Central District Platform Square. Planning and design of the overall present "three pillars", "East Hexi Liu" layout. Its functions meet the requirement from the National Games and the world's individual sports events. Owning to the design, it has become a landmark with strong local cultural characteristics.

Guangzhou Asian Games Village is the promoter district of the planning Guangzhou new-town construction, while is an important part of the city "South Extension" development strategy. Its construction will drive rapid development of Guangzhou new-town and its surrounding area. The total construction area is 14.78 million square meters, of which more than 110 million square meters for the living area. The "three huge villages" have 96 residential buildings containing totally 8078 sets of units where house type are very rich. With 70 to 180 square meters multiple units, those houses basically meet the various needs of the public buyers. It is introduced by the relevant person in charge of Guangzhou Municipal Key Project Office, that Asian Games City "three huge villages" will be the main small, medium and large units. Its architectural decoration styles are diversified with modern, classical, exotic and other different styles.

National Grand Theater.jpg
Xiamen Petronas Twin Towers.jpg

National Grand Theater

Xiamen Petronas Twin Towers

It has passed 49 years since the initiation to officail operation for the National Grant Theater. The project design was bidded three times and modified two times, and its total cost is 3.067 billion RMB. It was presidentially designed by Architect Paul Andreu, cocuping 119 thousand square meters.

It is one of the symbolic sightseeings of Xiamen. Xiamen Petronas Twin Towers is composed of two separate towers and conjected by a group of houses. The towers look like huge sailing boats, so are also named Twin Submits Building.