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Reliance attending the 18th PG & REEEE in Indonesia

Time : 2017-09-15

During September 6th~9th, 2017, Chengdu Reliance was invited to attend the 18th Series of Power Generation, Renewable Energy Electrical Equipment Exhibitions in Jakarta Indonesia, who has the name of Second stop for "Silk Road on Sea". As the same with weather there, it was very hot for the exhibitors. There were senior engineers, product managers and clients. They talked about the products, solutions and trends for the industry. Indonesia is not only the biggest economic body in southeast Asia, but also the base in resources, power, and heavy industries for southeast Asia. Among the G20 countries, Indonesia is the third one in economy growth rate, just after China and India.



Reliance Electric attended the industrial partry with her powerful and advanced products, including advanced plugin modual solution, innovative connection solution, efficient transparent production power supervision, creative control voltage distribution solution and AC/DC DC/DC switch power and photovoltaic power for power system. Besides, Reliance has brought her new products: RSP series Switch Power, RGF series Photovoltaic Power and Smart Photovoltaic Power Box, R series Relays and Couplers, REB series Isolators and Transmitters, RPS series Surge Protector, RHD series Heavy Duty Connector, RPT series PCB Terminal Blocks and Connectors, and industry field application solutions.




During the exihibition, Reliance has promoted her main products to all the clients, showing her advanced R&D ability and getting very good response. Reliance catches the opportunity brought by “One Belt, One Road”, letting Electric Products go with the “Fast Train” for the world market usage.




Although the 18th Series of Power Generation, Renewable Energy Electrical Equipment Exhibitions ended in a short time, Reliance Electric had a lot of professional clients visiting her booth. Power resources management and efficient production are widely concerned, accompanied with industrialization 4.0 and smart factory. Reliance would keep working hard, expanding her products line and improving her technology. Reliance would establish a foundation for the Southeast Aisan market with her leading connnection technology, advanded product quality and efficient customer service.